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How To Analyse A Questionnaire In Social Science Assignment?

Social Science Assignment

The results are back from the questionnaire that you sent for writing the social science assignment. First of all, congratulations on conducting a successful data collection procedure. Do you know what the next step is? Yes, the next step is to analyse the results of the questionnaire. It is time to see how people have responded to the questions sent to them. In simple words, it is time to unearth the trends and patterns in your data.

Well, do you know how to analyse a questionnaire? Do you know the steps and software involved in this process? Most probably, you do not know the answers to these questions. Do not worry if you do not know the answers. In this article, we will explain the steps involved in analysing the questionnaire in the social science assignment. There will be a mention of the top software, too. So, let’s get started with the steps.

Top Six Steps Involved In Analysing A Questionnaire

Analysing the results of a questionnaire is not an easy task during assignment writing. The data is mostly qualitative, i.e., consists of words, expressions, and statements, and analysing such data is really a hectic job. However, with the knowledge of the steps involved in this process, you can easily analyse them and add the results to your social science assignment. Thus, a brief description of all 6 steps involved is as follows:

Remind Yourself Of The Research Questions

First things first, you need to remind yourself of the research questions that you have to answer based on the questionnaire results. This reminder is very important because most researchers forget them after coming this far. Also, when you look at the research questions, you get to know about the perspective from which you need to analyse the questionnaire. Thus, whatever your research questions, go through them, understand them, and then move to the next step.

Ensure The Relevancy Of Data

The second step in the data analysis is that you should check the relevancy of the data. What does it mean? It means that all the collected must be relevant to the research questions, and it should be complete by all means. There must not be anything missing or anything irrelevant in the data. How can you check this? Well, the only way to check this is by going through the data and taking deep dive into it. You already know the questions, and this practice will further help you understand the relevancy of the data.

Clean The Data

Step no.3 in the analysis of a questionnaire in social science assignment is known as the data cleaning step. The raw data that you have collected from the respondents contain many irrelevant things. It is necessary to get rid of all those irrelevant data points to ensure that the analysis goes smoothly. Thus, take a thorough look at the data and locate all the disparities and inconsistencies in your data. Once found, make some good changes or just get rid of them and do not include them in the analysis process.

Code The Data

After cleaning, there comes the step of coding the data. In this step, you code the data into different categories and put all the data into those categories. Why is it necessary to do? It is necessary to code the data because it helps in analysing the data smoothly. The software knows what data is what and analyses it. If you find it difficult to code the data, get help from assignment writing services. The other two methods used to code the data are:

  • Manual coding
  • Automatic data using a software

Select The Right Method For Analysis

Once you have cleaned the data from errors, it is now ready for analysis for the social science assignment. However, before the analysis, there is one more step. It is selecting the right method to analyse the results of the questionnaire. Depending on your data type, select the right method. If it is qualitative, then choose from qualitative methods. If it is quantitative, then choose a method from available quantitative methods.

Analyse The Data And Share The Results

Lastly, you should analyse the data using the method chosen above. Whatever method you have chosen, follow its procedure completely, and analyse the questionnaire. Once the analysis is done, share the results in your social science assignment. It is the last step that you need to follow and perform in the analysis. When sharing the results of your analysis, make sure that you make use of presentational devices like graphs, charts, and figures to represent the data. These devices allow better recognition of patterns.

Best Software To Analyse A Questionnaire

Data analysis is mostly done using the software. As a researcher, you insert the data into the software and run the analysis. The software, with the help of its built-in algorithm, analyses the questionnaire results and unearths the patterns and trends. However, do you know the best software that does the analysis? No. Hence, a brief description of the tools is as follows:

  • Stata. It is general-purpose software that can do many analyses for you. All you need to do is put your data into it, and it will create stunning graphs and charts for you. It can be used for any kind of data.
  • Excel. The second-best software that can analyse a questionnaire for your social science assignment is MS Excel. It is the most commonly used software for data analysis. It can also create graphs, charts, line graphs, and other results representation figures.
  • Tableau. The next software on the list is Tableau. It is a tool much like MS Excel and can create beautiful graphs and charts that explain patterns and trends in a good manner.

Hence, these are the software that you can use for the analysis of a questionnaire. However, if, like many other students, you do not know how to use them, buy assignment online to get all analysis done by experts.


Analysing a questionnaire for your social science assignment is not an easy task. It requires you to have proper knowledge of the steps involved and the software. In this guidepost, we have discussed the top 6 steps to analyse a questionnaire. Also, we have shed some light on the 3 best software to do so. It is now your duty to go through the information given above. So, read every line and act accordingly.