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The Importance of Descriptive Paragraph in Assignment or Essay Writing

Descriptive Paragraph

How do you convey what you want to say through writing? How would you tell your readers about your experience at a certain place? You will of course, describe it in your writing in a way that it communicates well with your readers. You will write your paragraphs with creative details to interact with your readers. This is the descriptive paragraph in assignment writing that helps your professors understand your point. A descriptive paragraph is a detailed and focused exposition of a given topic. You can write this type of paragraph either in literal or in abstract meaning.

For example, you may want to mention the smell of a flower or the weirdness of a situation you were in. It could be anything like describing an emotion, a memory, or an experience. And you can also use it to describe scientific terms. Thus, a descriptive paragraph is a window to the writers’ imagination. You can use examples and details to make up a scene or context. The importance of descriptive paragraphs in assignment writing relies on how well you can convey your information.

In contrast to narrative paragraphs that feature personal ideas, feelings, and growth, descriptive paragraphs do not use personal information. Such paragraphs concentrate on a clear and goal description of something that appeals to the readers. To achieve this level of realism the writer should cover all aspects of the senses- smell, sight, sound, taste, and touch. To describe it within the context of these senses, the writer must use good vocabulary. Good vocabulary means you must use adjectives often to describe your experiences based on the five senses.

Descriptive Paragraph Examples:

Try comparing the two descriptions given below as examples by expert writers of assignment writing services.

Description 1: The sky was clear and blue.

Description 2: The sky was a tint of blue with an immaculate clarity that felt like we were looking through glass.

You could easily compare and spot the differences between the two descriptions. It is obvious that the second one will appeal to the reader more as it has more description and appropriate use of adjectives. Including relevant facts in a descriptive paragraph is likewise based on the principle that a writer must show rather than tell the reader. Although you must add strong details in a descriptive paragraph, you must clarify the purpose. The most significant component of a descriptive paragraph is the purpose of creating the paragraph. Because descriptive paragraphs must clarify to the reader significance of details, show them how and why something happened.

You should convey the significance of what happened than simply informing the reader about it. A competent writer would help the reader visualize what they are describing while a great writer would convey the goal for explaining anything. So how do you write a descriptive paragraph? What is the importance of descriptive paragraph in assignment writing? You may want to look at the following points to impress your professor with your descriptive paragraphs. These points will help you not only impress but attain an A-grade in your assignment.

Writing A Descriptive Paragraph

A good descriptive paragraph would include the following components:

  • A topic sentence that tackles the major issue.
  • Details that assist explain and justify the topic sentence.
  • A concluding sentence that summarizes the paragraph.

The statement “Psychology is a study of mind and behavior” functions as a topic sentence since it informs the reader what you will discuss. In a descriptive paragraph, the topic sentence is at the beginning of the paragraph. The main phrases in the format below is followed by facts that assist characterize the qualities of Psychology. A final statement that repeats your arguments in new words should also be included.

Topic sentence: Psychology is a study of mind and behavior

Detail 1: It has many branches.

The perspectives of Psychology are psychoanalysis, humanistic approach, behaviorism, and cognitive psychology.

Detail 2: There are four goals of psychology.

To describe, explain, predict, and change are the four goals of psychology that change the behavior and mental processes.

Detail 3: The impact of psychology is both applied and academic.

It helps check why people behave the way they do and lets us understand different factors that impact behavior. It helps motivate people to achieve their goals and expand workspaces.

Concluding Sentence: Psychology is the study of mind and behavior. Its various perspectives and goals help to know why people behave the way they do. It is impactful in both applied and academic settings and helps motivate people to achieve their goals. Psychology is a practical field and will help us grow as individuals.

Once you are done with the above outline, you can transform it into a descriptive paragraph. You can also collaborate with a teammate to merge the second and third sentences of the rough draft into a single sentence. You can do this by separating the sentences with commas and naming the adjectives.

Importance of Descriptive Paragraph in Assignment Writing

The descriptive paragraph will keep your reader hooked and interested in your assignment. An interesting paragraph is the finest complement for any writer. If you want to be a great writer, work on your descriptive writing talents. It aids with the precise and systematic composition of your assignment writing. You will learn how to describe situations, objects, and emotions. It helps you keep balance while writing and gives you an idea of what to expand and what you should not. You will learn how to express sensory information by writing descriptive paragraphs in assignment writing.

Conveying visual elements in descriptive paragraphs will aid in the communication of the core concept. Those who want to be novelists or writers should practice writing descriptive paragraphs. Descriptive paragraph writing is an excellent approach to illustrate any subject area. It includes everything and you will see that you must describe fine details. The more detailed the description, the clearer it will be.


If you want to appeal to your readers with your assignment writing, you need to write good descriptive paragraphs. Follow this guide to know the importance of descriptive paragraphs in assignment writing and learn to write well.

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