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Learning Activities in ClassroomIn schools, colleges and university students need a lot of motivations to learn something. Because of too much tough and hectic routine they don’t want to study and they never complete their tasks. It is the duty of teachers to motivate their students and to provide them a very good environment of learning, so that they could learn something in a good environment of study. There are some important points that teachers should keep in their mind to develop the characters of the students and to motivate them to learn in a very peaceful environment.


Teachers are supposed to design something significant for students, to grasp their attention towards the classroom in the class activities. You are supposed to make eyes contact with them so that they couldn’t lose their attention from the lecture. If you will not involve them in your discussion they will lose concentration from the lecture and will learn nothing. It will cause mis-communication and lack of understanding in them. To make eye contact with the students, you can easily check that whether they are taking an interest in your lecture or not? If they are least interested in your lecture, try to add some additional things in your topic to provide them dissertation help that motivates them to learn.


Always ask questions to your students, try to add different classroom activities to grab the attention of the students. Always try to involve all the students in the class activities for the sake of their learning. You can also make them learn, speak and to take participate in the class discussion whilst assigning certain marks for class discussion. Try to make certain rules of learning in your class for students. Bring worksheets for them to engage them in different activities. You can also assign them certain tasks like, creative writing, reading tasks, and other tasks that bring creativeness in students.


Bring innovative tasks for students in class. Use different cards to entertain your students. You can write vocabulary and make them learn. Teach them how to use that in daily life. Also teach them how to make sentences. Teach them the use of sentences with the proper use of tenses. You can also teach them through pictures and videos. You may play certain audio clips and ask them to complete their worksheets. You can ask them to write about their favourite subjects and topic. Ask them to make mind maps and web maps. They can also make an outline for their assignments and presentations.


Motivate them to write stories about themselves and write about their passions. Ask them to make introductory documentaries as well as present them before an audience. Give the students some appreciations so that they learn with happiness and enjoy learning. This is how you can make your students learn in a very good and valuable environment. You can also teach them the rules of time management. The best way to grab the attention of the students is that you can make them write and speak something in fronts of audiences without any hesitation.