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Commonwealth is a traditional term which was used by political communities. These political communities used commonwealth as a synonym of the common good. All the welfares and advantages of the public come into the commonwealth. First of all, this term was used in the 15th century. In the 17th century, the literary meaning of this term was derived. The literal meaning of commonwealth is “Common well-being”. The Commonwealth of the nations is a group of 53 states. In the past, all of these 53 nations were the part of the British Empire. If you are not able to write an academic paper about commonwealth, then you can get help from experts to buy dissertation online.

While studying about commonwealth, some questions come to the mind of the readers. Here, we will discuss these questions along with their possible answers. The first question is ‘What does it mean to be a commonwealth country?’. The answer to this question is that the countries which enter into the commonwealth have the right to withdraw at any time without providing any obligation. The second question ‘What countries are the part of the commonwealth?’ As we have discussed earlier that there fifty-three countries are included in the commonwealth. We will discuss some of them. There are nineteen countries including Ghana, Kenya and Namibia are part of the commonwealth. Seven countries of Asia are also the part of the commonwealth. Thirteen countries of the Caribbean and America are also included in the commonwealth.

Three countries of Europe along with the UK are also the part of the commonwealth. Eleven countries from the Pacific are also the part of the commonwealth. The third question is ‘What is the difference between a state and a commonwealth?’. The countries which are ruled by a common nation are included into commonwealth i.e. British Commonwealth. The country which is not ruled by a common nation is known as a state. All the countries of the commonwealth have almost similar interests and objectives. The fourth question is ‘Is commonwealth an empire?’. The countries which come into commonwealth remained under the territories of the British Empire. Therefore, the answer to this question is ‘Yes’. The fifth question is ‘What is the purpose of the commonwealth?’. The main purpose of the commonwealth is to cooperate with each other to advance the economics.

The sixth question is ‘Why is commonwealth important?’. Commonwealth promotes peace and democracy. As a result, an environment of tolerance is created and each nation tries to provide respect to the cultures of the other nations. The seventh question is ‘What makes a state a commonwealth state?’. A state which is ruled by British and now, it is characterized by its representative government is included into the commonwealth. The next question is ‘Who is the head of commonwealth?’. The head of the commonwealth is Queen Elizabeth II. She is also the daughter of George VI. These countries which are included in the commonwealth are supportive of each other. Different organizations of the commonwealth are working to maintain peace and to establish democracy among the commonwealth states. The Commonwealth has also played an important role to strengthen the governance.