• Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

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Almost everyone has an issue of settling down with routine life after holidays and this thing is not just related to students but individuals of any field of life. We all find it difficult to go to our work after vacations so it’s completely understood that how difficult students find it. The happiest holiday of almost of everyone is Christmas holidays because students make a plan on it to write a dissertation before this and people in surrounding also plan to make it the happiest moment for you. No doubt spending quality time on your vacation fresh you up but at the same time, it makes you lazy or dull as well to go back to your routine life again. This is the reason why it becomes necessary to discuss the issue of being lazy after the holiday and how to deal with it so one can get the true benefit of vacation that is fresh up instead of being lazy or bore at your workstation, school or college.

Here are some tips and approaches that would help you to stay focus or least get your attention back to your studies;

  • A New Start Approach

As we are talking that vacations are meant to be fresh up and start doing your tasks more actively and for this purpose, you need to take an approach of being new. If you are finding it difficult to start from where you did previously stop then start again at initial stages of your task you will find it easier and simple to complete then starting from the previous point. For example, you were writing an academic report and now after vacations, you have forgotten about previous points those you had in your mind before going on vacations. So here you need to rethink and generate a list of key points with consideration of points in written in draft and believe me you would come up with more ideas and strategies to complete your task.

  • Encourage Yourself

During vacations, we do not have responsibilities, duties and tasks but some fun oriented activities so it is obvious that we would find it difficult to come on the track of routine activities again. So encourage yourself with the most common statement that we always say to ourselves ‘It’s not just me but many others as well’. Personally, I do not believe in comparing, contrasting you with other but at the same time, we cannot deny to some extent we all are same in our behaviours and attitudes. Further, do not take this statement as an excuse but an encouragement by starting a competition for you to be the first who is going to act after holidays among all those who are saying it’s not just me!

  • Set Small Goals

This is the easiest way where you do not have to tell your brain or start a conversation with yourself but listing all set of activities those were pending and think each activity as a goal. Completion of each activity would let you feel confident and gives you a sense of accomplishment that itself is a great source of encouragement.