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A thesis, dissertation and course work is something that changes your life moments, from lower to higher education. These are basically the steps of moving towards the highest level of the  education. It is basically the termination of many years of stress, tension and hard work of study. People used to dedicate their important life to achieve certain goals in their life.

A dissertation and thesis shows the result of hard work and effort of people in the achievement of their goals. It  takes too much time and different process to write a dissertation or a thesis. There are a lot altered ways of writing a quality paper. Some of the people always follow the same basic rules and structures. To write any dissertation people are supposed to follow many rules and regulations. There different formal, literal and academic styles as well as formats that are supposed to be followed by students whilst writing their course work and a dissertation. Whilst wring thesis students are supposed to be very careful about the use of language, context, references, font size, format, style and so on and so forth.

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There are different and very important parts of the dissertation that are supposed to be very much focused and keenly observed as well as written by the writers. These parts are utterly different from other parts of the thesis and have much importance than other parts. These parts include Abstract, Introduction, Methodology, Discussion about your statements of the thesis, results, conclusion and references.

First of all you are supposed to work on the topic of your dissertation. As abstract is the main part of the thesis it is usually placed on the very first page of the thesis, but people used to write it in the end of their work. Because it includes information about a topic, introduction and the main gist or points of the whole thesis for readers. It conveys a lot of information in a nutshell to the readers about the whole dissertation.

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The next step is introduction, this is one of the basic steps of writing a dissertation. Without introduction you can’t take start to your dissertation. It is basically the launching part of your thesis where you used to explain the ideas of your thesis and what you are going to discuss in other steps and so on.

Other steps include methodology on the discussion of your thesis. In the methodology part you used to explain about the use of the methods that you are going to use in your thesis. Secondly,  in the discussion you discuss the statement of your thesis with logics and examples. You also critically analysis your text with respect to different points of views.

Last but not the least, you conclude your thesis with the different perspectives according to your personal point of views. It is basically a sort of a short summary about the main result of your wholeness and complete thesis. An the end of your thesis you are supposed to add a separate page that includes all of the references that you have used in your text.