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Main causes of student’s failure in college

ByAlbert Barkley

Apr 16, 2016
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Every year a number of students fail in college. The failure can affect the self-esteem of the individual. The demand of the tasks and quality of work required by the colleges is sometimes is greater than the students’ expectations and students feel high burden on them and stress does not allow them to work effectively that leads to failure.

College or education is very important to teachers, people searching for a job, for students who have defined objectives and parents. However, most of the students could not perform well because they did not feel the importance of college. They do not take an interest in the study because they do not know the necessity of education for their career and higher education as well.

Some students agree with opinion that education is important for the success in life, but they do not take interest in studies. Students need to understand the importance of studying in college to get success. If they will let the other activities in their way of education, then they will not be able to perform well and they will not able to do well in the college.

Teachers should analyse how and where students spend their time. Social activities are also very important, but students should put their academic above all from other activities. A student must have a goal to work hard and achieve that goal that they really wants.

The goal can be to get better grades, a good job, security and status. Some students realize that success demands a lot of hard work and they do not pay attention to work hard. College work for a student is seem to be difficult, meaningless and grim if it is not related to specific objective and goals.

Mostly when selected the major for the course, the students do not pay enough attention on the fact that whether they will be able to perform well in the particular course. The fact is that students do not have a clear idea about the subjects or selection of appropriate field, therefore teachers should supervise and helps students to select their major.

The teacher can do this by understanding the skills, strength and weaknesses of the students. The teacher can guide students to choose the particular subject that matches to their abilities. The inappropriate selection for the course or discipline also lead to the student failure because students could not grasp the concepts and understand the course.

Most of the time the reason of failure is the inappropriate language. Students sometimes failed due to the usage of language. The students should have the ability to listen, read and speak effectively in a language that is required for the study. The inability to understand the language due to language problem also leads to failure.

The example can be that a college has admitted a Chinese student who could not understand the language other than Chinese then he/she could not understand the lecture held in English language.  In addition, students do not have the abilities to efficiently reflect their mother tongue. The writing requires better language skills to write effectively.

It is not necessary that if your mother tongue is English then you can write English efficiently. The other causes of the failure can be the psychological problems of the students and failure to take responsibility of study or getting an education. For more details visit: Cheap Dissertation Writing Service