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How to Work On Assignment

The students should be given freedom of choice; it will help to motivate them. You have to become role model for the interest of students in order to motivate them. Delivera presentation with enthusiasm and energy because your passion can motivate students. While delivering lecture you should convey information in such a way that show your interest in material, making the course personally.

Students can be motivated by using the practical examples. The lecture or topic should be related to the practical aspects in order to motivate students. Using practical examples will inform students howparticular course can help them for future opportunities because many students wants to know why a technique or concept is useful.

You should display an interest in students. You should show them that you have faith in theirabilities. Engage students in different activities. These activities will help to engage students in material and provide them the opportunity to achieve the goal.  Cooperative learning activities can also help to motivate students as they also deliver positive social pressure.

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Establishing realistic performance goals also help to motivate students by encouraging them to set their reasonable goals. The assignment should be designed appropriately and challenging. Conduct tests in class to show students’ their learning and their achievement. Many tutors seem to give grades on the curve but to motivate students give everyone the opportunity to achieve higher grades and standards.

If you will criticize students then they will never learn. The confidence level will decline and hence performance will decrease. Provide positive feedback to student’s activities in order to encourage them. The encouragement and appreciation will help to motivate them. You should stop dividing studentsbased onhigher or lower grade; each student should be given equal opportunity and encouragement to achieve their goals. So, avoid dividing students into goats and sheep.

Students should be given an opportunity tofreely choose the topics of projects on their own. It will help to select the topic that interest them. Likewise, evaluate students in different ways, such as papers, tests, presentation and projects give students an opportunity to present themselves.

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You should try to understand and learn the interest, dreams and hopes of students. This can be done by asking students about what is happening in their lives. Moreover, it will be more convenient to tell something about you to students because student will then feel free to share some information with you. It will also help to build a relationship of trustand each time studentwill feel free to collaborate with you.

You should be supportive and act in friendly ways. You should not give up motivating students, being positive and relaxing. Ask students to write down how the particular subject or topic is relevant to their lives. It will help to involve students in learning. Moreover, encourage students by the help of reward. You can tell if they have achieved a particular goal, then they will provided with some incentives.