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Questions to Keep in Mind

In order to get the attention of your students in class. Teachers should use the attractive, pleasant sound in order to attract students.  The sound should be loud enough to attract students.

Teachers want so badly for the students to do fine; therefore, they should slow their stride to give students much time in order to be focused. Classroom management should not be to be positive, to be operative. Encouraging students to pay attention by closing and opening story loop can attract the class attention.

During the initial phase of learning, teachers should praise them. Ask questions from students while giving lectures to get their attention. When the attention of the students is desirable, come in front of class, look at students in an odd way, and express through facial expression that you are about to say something observing or valuable. It will result in getting the attention of the students.

You must teach every step with a spirit of fun. It will help them to enjoy more, learn faster and they will look to practicing it. You can also attract students by using a striking picture that is relevant to the lecture. Material that is too difficult and hard can result in inattention of students. You should make the environment and lecture interesting to gain interest of students.

Use the visuals and clear charts hold the attention of students and make clear contents of the subject. You should assign them different creative tasks in the class to get their attention. Universities and colleges should offer the subjects that are interesting and relevant to the field. The interesting subjects itself contribute to get the attention of the students. Ask students to complete the activities in class, such as write a content, poetry.

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Students can be attentive by asking them sudden questions. It will help them to be attentive by the fear of being asked any question related to current lecture. Another way to get attention of the class to ask students to present the lecture at the end of class. It will be useful because students will hear the lectures more attentively as they can be asked to present. Moreover, the presentations in a group also contribute to maintain the learning environment of the class. You can ask students to present the particular chapter in the class; it will help them to be involved in studies with full concentration.

Another attention getter is the use of humour relevant to the content. Students mostly appreciate teachers who know how to use humour properly relevant to the material. If students are asked to work in groups, then they should know to which group they belong, for how long and what they will be doing.

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Students will lose attention, if the plan and objectives for the lesson are not clear. It will help keep focus by writing what the class will be doing on the board. You should not give lectures on the past tense with board work and charts only because it will put students to sleep. During the lecture, you should stop and ask questions to the students. Ask them about the last summer or weekend, etc., to keep them involved in practicing material and content.