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Employee Morale

Employee MoraleMorale is related to the mental condition and attitude of individuals and groups. It helps you to maintain cooperation and check the intention of the workers or employees. It also helps you to maintain a friendly environment between the co-operate employees. It can also be defined as the phenomenon of the individuals and groups to identify their intentions and attitude whether they are favorable or not. The human attitude and behaviors of employees can be seen by this that has been changed during the work in the company or organization. The behavior and satisfaction level, yet feelings of employees can be judged; also the results of employee’s intentions can be seen through this. In this article by experts of assignment writing services, you will learn about the top 5 factors that affect employee morale.

Factors that Affect Employee Morale:

Culture of the Organization:

The culture of the organization or the company is one of the important factors that affect employee morale. This is the very first and foremost factor that is considered in employee’s morale effects while working. The culture of the organization has a great impact on the attitude of the employee during their work time. It depends on the organization to get a better attitude and work from the employee while providing them with a good environment, culture, and facilities. It not only boosts the employee’s energy but also the value of a company or the organization.

Individual and Grouping Morale:

As the name shows, this morale is related to the attitude of the employee in groups and individuals. This shows their attitude towards their work and the environment. Generally, group morale represents the work and the intentions of the people working in groups with an organization or company. It changes over time. The individuals and groups both are different with having a connection, but different intentions and attitudes. These both affect each other due to high and low perceptions.

Work and Duties of the Employees:

This is another major factor that affects employee morale. The attitude of the workers can be seen with their duties and assigned work. The nature of work shows how the employee will perform. If the employee will be overloaded with the workdays they will ultimately get bore and do not perform well. They must be given proper freedom to choose their work daily according to their capacity. The extra work and targets can always create a negative environment in the organization and impact the morale of the employees.

Educational Level and Age of the Employees:

Education and age are the common factors that mostly affect the morale of the employee. These two factors are directly connected to morale.  The well-educated and aged employees could be at a higher level of morale. Yet on the other hand less educated, yet younger could be a bit at the lower level, because of less experience. Another plus point is that old aged employed are always loyal, mature, and responsible towards the company. On the other hand, some of the employees with higher education and less experience has low attitude, low satisfaction level, less maturity level, and they are generally less satisfied with their jobs too. If they will have higher education and higher experience they will never be satisfied with their job and position in the company.

Administration at Work:

Administration and employers have a great impact on the morale of the employee. The attitude of the employer and the supervisor of the administration can change the whole environment of the organization in the positive or negative aspects. If they will deal with the employees in a good way with a positive attitude they will get a good response which is better for the welfare of the organization and its administration. The high aged employees are always loyal and well-experienced, but they are usually treated not so well. They must be treated well and supervised properly so that they could be a good supervisor for the newcomers. Sometimes they don’t want to be supervised, so they must have a choice of freedom and freedom of speech at work to maintain a balanced organization.


Henceforth, it is concluded that the above-mentioned factors are very much important that impact and affect the worth and attitude of the employee morale. Organizations must value their employee’s morale and provide them with the freedom of speech so that they can work without any pressure. This can helpful for the organization and the employee at the same level.