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Course objectives are clear and concise statements that describe what you intend your students to learn by the end of the course. Both course objectives and learning outcomes are two different learning goals which is more broadly conceived.

In addition to the broad goals, each and school maintains learning outcomes for graduates of their programs.

You can more easily gain objective with course content and evaluation methods. You can clearly communicate your expectation of students. Allow both you and your students to self evaluate based on stated expectation.

The most useful learning outcomes are specific and measurable. Learning outcomes should contain the acceptable performance level. They should contain a verb that describes an observable action.

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They include a checklist and lists of helpful action verbs for describing learning. Avoid terms that cannot be clearly understood by the student. A useful objective successfully describes an intended instructional result by describing the purpose of the instruction.

Objectives can be written for any type of learning. Objectives describe what the student is able to do. Objectives describe how the student chooses to act. Objectives describe what the student can perform,

Course objectives are narrow. Learning outcomes are broad. Course objectives are precise. Learning outcomes are intangible. Course objectives are tangible.

Learning outcomes can’t be validated. Objectives can be validated. In addition to indicating to students what they will know and be able to do at the successful completion of a course.

The choice, of course materials, assignments or activities and assessment should all reflect the learning objectives. Students should not be asked to read a review material that is not relevant to one of the objectives.

You select and organize courses, content and determine appropriate assessments and instructional strategies. Students direct their learning efforts appropriately and monitor their own progress.

Learning outcomes should break down the task and focus on specific cognitive processes. Learning objectives should be student centred.

Learning objectives should be clear. To master the complex skills. Students must practice and gain proficiency. Problem solving may require defining the parameters of the problem, choosing appropriate formulas etc.

Write your objectives in terms of outcomes, not process. Objectives should specify the result of an activity. Write your outcomes and objectives directly to your need statement. Include all relevant groups and individuals. Avoid irrelevant information.

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Do not confuse about your outcome and objectives for methods. Figure out how you will measure the projected change in each objective. If there is no way to measure an objective, it’s not measurable and rewritten.

Your objectives should be efficient and effective so that the student understands it easily and quickly. They should be in clear and proper wording. The result of these objectives should be firm and smooth.

No extra information should be there in objectives as well as in outcomes so that they can’t be difficult for the students.

Students put their all efforts directly to learning outcomes appropriately to improve their progress done in achieving these course objectives and learning outcomes.