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Best Apps for iPhone

Best Apps for iPhoneIf you have got a brand new and shiny new iPhone 6s, it is time to fit it with some great new apps which will change the way you use technology and fill your life with comfort and joy. Apple has made it really easy for its users to enjoy its devices and along with its best phones, it also offers some of the best applications which are simply brilliant. All these are some of the best rated apps when it comes to owning and enjoying an iPhone 6s for students, general users as well as writers of dissertation writing services. This article discusses some of the best 6 apps for iPhone 6s which will change the way you think about using your device whether it is students, professionals or stay at home moms:


Live GIF: Taking picture is just great but there is no joy in having pictures when they cannot be shared with others just because they do not have an iPhone. The best way to get rid of this troubling detail is to get Live GIF app which quickly and conveniently converts any Live Photo into an animated GIF or a standard video file so that it is compatible to be played on any mobile device or computer. This app makes it very easy for users to share their pictures on social networks too without any trouble as this is one format that is supported at all platforms.


Lean: This is another fantastic app as it works with the Live Photos because they take up a lot of storage space in the device and sometimes it becomes very problematic to deal with the pictures as some of them are really precious to be deleted. Lean is a must have in such cases as it enables you to select Live Photos and then get rid of the “Live” part while still retaining the EXIF data from the original photo which deletes the video portion and recovering the space at the same time.


Replay: It is another great application that helps to quickly and easily make montages, complete with music and transition animations and share them with friends and family end even use these in your dissertation writing defense.


Hipstamatic Camera: This is one of the most popular third-party camera apps to be found on the app store and supports 3D Touch. With the latest version of this app, the users can press and hold firmly to zoom in on a photo or swipe up to favorite or trash it.


Evernote: This is the go-to notes app for millions and millions of people around the world, and a favorite app amongst others. It has great 3D Touch support that can be accessed by pressing firmly on the Evernote home screen icon. Notes can be Peeked at notes from the main menu with Peek links and opened for further perusal.


News360: It is a well-known app that offers personalized news from a wide range of 3D Touch support sources which allows users to check out an article by headline and then slide the menu open to either share or save it or simply read it.