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After Working On The Thesis Statement

ByAlbert Barkley

Sep 5, 2015

Thesis StatementAfter working on the thesis statement, analyzing the questions, working on research methods and getting literature review out of the way, it is time for the students to write come to the conclusion of the thesis and write their recommendations where they will help their readers move further in their research and come to the end and even suggest further reading help.

The recommendations page is just what it claims to be from its name; it is not and additional chapter but it can come as an added paragraph or page which can help the readers know what they must do if they are interested in reading further about the coursework writing service or the research which has been explained in this thesis.

 What Recommendations are All About
When writing a thesis, the students must know that the most important thing to do here is to conclude their dissertation in such a manner that it does not wrap everything up but leaves a door open for the readers on what they should do if they want to pursue the topic further.

The students should know that here they should not put an end to the thesis but instead they should focus on telling about what they should do if they want to proceed further. There are differences between a conclusion and a recommendation and the students must keep it in mind to make sure they do not make any mistake confusing the two and in turn confusing their readers.  The recommendations should be written for the sole purpose of providing information the teacher or the academics who will be reading the research paper.

The students must keep the recommendations part short and to the point and explain what has been deduced from the research, what has been understood and what more the students can expect to get from the further research if they want to explore the topic more.

The students should write the recommendations in a pleasant as well as interesting manner so that the readers want to see what the students are talking about. There are many people who just skim the thesis or only read the most important parts of it which can be a waste of efforts for students. If the students write their recommendations in interesting and very appealing way, then the readers might be tempted to read what the recommendation is all about and even check out some of the recommendations made by the students to see if they are worth it.

The recommendations can be written in two forms, it can either be recommendations for further study or it can also be recommendation for change or even both depending on the type of thesis that has been written and the research method that has been used in the paper. The students should remember that their recommendations should directly lead to conclusion and the readers should be able to form their own opinions about the thesis and its research.