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Stress changes your natural balance. The stress has both negative and positive features. The one that leads to place high expectation on yourself and other leads to poor grades in your academic career.

There are many occasions when stress can be helpful. For example, when a fire alarm rang then it causes stress that alerts you to read in order to avoid danger. The stress of submitting a project or assignment on a deadline can help to motivate you to complete assignment before the date of submission. However, when students feel stress in excess. It can have negative effects. It can harm physical and emotional health. It may also limit the ability to function at school or home and within relationships. However, we can manage stress by practicing and learning some strategies to reduce stress.

In order to manage negative stress a healthy and feeling of control is essential in your schedule. Learning how to accomplish your goals, manage your responsibilities and still have time for relaxation and rest requires the time management skills.

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Specifying some goals for yourself to achieve will help to reduce stress and improve your mood. Students should avoid procrastination. They should not place their responsibilities and assignments until the last minute because it will create more physical and mental stress. Procrastination may affect the quality of your work, your mood, quality of your sleep and many other aspects of daily life.

Regular exercise is very necessary to feel fresh and reduce stress. Physical activities can help to burn off the energy that is generated by stress. Moreover, you should practice good sleep habits in order to ensure that you have rested well. Sleep deficiency can cause many mental and physical problems that may increase stress.

Try to reduce the intake of alcohols such as caffeine that may uplift the stress. Try to stride yourself all over the day. You should take breaks from structured activities and other works such as writing assignments, making projects and other social activities.  During breaks from studying, class spends time listening music, walking out the door, chat with friends to calm and clear your mind.

Many students are seen to find journaling in order to help them manage stress, making decisions, changing their lives and understanding emotions. Set accurate prospects for others and yourself. In order to break up schedule you should sometime plan a holiday. Identify the roles that your own thoughts can play in causing and increasing your stress. You should challenge the negative situations and beliefs that you hold about yourself that may not be correct. Such as you may think that, you do not have enough abilities to complete a task or accomplish an objective.

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You should find any humour in life. Laughter is the way to reduce the tension. Seek the support of family and friends that you may need to escape from the situations that brings the stressful feelings. Make sure that you do not focus on the negative experiences. You should think about your achievement in the past. Try to share those achievements and experiences.

You should try to set a particular goal for yourself that will help to boost or improve your mood and reduce stress.