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Before writing the research paper, you will need to approve it from the supervisor. In this regard, you will need to submit a proposal to him. In this article, we will give you the guidelines to write the proposal in an effective way. These guidelines are given below, that you can follow and get your proposal done by yourself or online Dissertation Proposal Writing Services.

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  • Title page

The first thing in your research proposal is the title page. In this title page, you should write the title of your research paper. As we know that title is the most important thing in order to write a research paper. In this way, we will be very careful to select the topic of our research paper. We should select such topic that is according to our interest.

  • Abstract

Abstract of the research paper proposal should contain the brief summary of the research paper. It should contain the method you are going to solve this problem. In this regard, you should make a thesis statement in the abstract of your research paper proposal. The length of the abstract for the research paper should be very short.

  • Introduction and background

In this section of the research paper proposal, you should provide the introduction for your research paper. In this regard, you should form an outline of the research paper. Then by following this outline, you should provide the introduction about each heading and sub-heading of your research paper.

  • Literature review

In this section, you should provide a literature review of your research paper. In literature review, we connect the works to what has come before your ideas and theory.

  • Research methodology

In the research paper proposal, we should also explain the research methodology. There are two basic types of research. First is the quantitative and the second is the qualitative. To specify the methodology of your research is very important. It will tell your supervisor your way of collecting the data.

  • Communicating the results

In this proposal, you should also explain the possible results of your research paper. In this way, your supervisor will tell you that whether these results are required or not.

  • Significance of results

To explain the significance of results in your research paper is also very important. Significance of everything is very important. By explaining this significance, your supervisor will be able to know the importance of your research paper topic. On the bases of this significance, there is possibility that he will select your proposal.

  • Timeline

In this section, you will need to explain the timetable of your research paper. You will need to explain the complete time table in order to conduct your data.

  • References

References of your research are very important. They will tell the reader about the authentication of your research. In these references, you will provide all the sources to get the data. To provide the references is very useful for us because our supervisor will review the references and if there is necessary, he will also suggests us some references from where we can get the necessary information for our research paper.